How to Apply

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences of Rutgers University offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees within a number of options that cut across a variety of areas of research. To meet the needs of incoming graduate students there are a set of core courses. Then the student can take specialized courses offered by the graduate faculty to gain fundamental and advanced knowledge in areas of scientific and research interest. Supervised research is offered by the faculty for incoming and continuing students to prepare them for making continuing contributions to one or more areas within environmental science upon graduation with an M.S. or Ph.D.

Specific Requirements

With the wide variety of opportunities available to a student in our Graduate Program, each application is carefully evaluated to match the background and interests of the student to a program option. We encourage applications from individuals with a Bachelor's Degree or higher in a scientific or engineering discipline. Previous education in environmental sciences is not required. A successful applicant is expected to have met the minimum of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, a verbal GRE score of 500 (153 in the new scale), and a quantitative GRE score of 600 (148 in the new scale).

For international applicants requiring an English-language proficiency test, the minimum TOEFL score required for acceptance is 590 (paper version) or 96 (iBT). For the iELTS exam, the minimum score for acceptance is bandwidth 7. The mean GRE scores of accepted applicants have been 599 verbal, 745 quantitative, and 695 analytical, and the mean GPA has been 3.46. The background of an applicant is expected to include: 1 yr of calculus, 1 yr of chemistry, 1 yr of another science (e.g., biology, physics, meteorology, air or water pollution, geology), and 1 semester of statistics. In some cases, promising students without science or engineering majors may be accepted. Outstanding contributions to science and service, and experience, are considered in the evaluation of each applicant. The program offers fellowships, teaching assistantships, and faculty-supported graduate (research) assistantships to highly qualified applicants.

For More Information

The deadline for application for the Fall semester is February 1. However, applicants wishing to receive full consideration for all financial aid opportunities are encouraged to submit all materials by January 15. Applications are also accepted for admission starting in the Spring Semester (beginning mid-January) with a deadline of November 1 (earlier applications may be necessary for international students in order to obtain a visa). Applications are submitted online at the Graduate Admissions website .

If you have any questions, please contact the director of the program