Department of Environmental Sciences
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Department of Environmental Sciences
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Research Facilities

Research Facilities
Rutgers has excellent facilities for both field and laboratory research. The program is located in two locations on the campus of Rutgers' Cook College. The agricultural portion of the program is located in an eleven-acre, predominantly wooded area. Open areas provide the opportunity for conducting field experiments and projects. Generous laboratory space includes environmentally controlled rooms, computer-controlled greenhouses, machine vision and analytical facilities for examining the quality of plants, harvested crops and their storage parameters. A fully equipped machine shop operated by a full time staff provides all necessary support for fabricating and maintaining project-oriented apparatus.

The environmental portion of the program is located in the Environmental Sciences department with state-of-the-art environmental laboratories ( Laboratories in other programs can also be used for certain research projects.

The Rutgers library system, with holdings of more than three million volumes, ranks among the top twenty-five university research libraries in the nation. The Stephen and Lucy Chang Science Library is located on Cook College campus and provides a great resource for students in the program.

Rutgers' Computing services department is among the strongest and most innovative computer facilities in the nation. In addition, the program has state-of-the-art microcomputers and software, as well as graphics, data acquisition and process control equipment. Students also have access to excellent graphics and word processing support for preparing technical papers, reports and theses.


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