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Environmental Science Graduate Program

Graduate Program Bylaws

Graduate Programs Administration

Daniel Gimenez
Graduate Program Director
Phone: 848-932-5715
Helene Press
Graduate Program Secretary
Phone: 848-932-5761

Option Coordinators

Air Pollution Science and Technology
Barbara Turpin
Environmental Chemistry
John Reinfelder
Environmental Engineering
Chris Uchrin
Environmental Microbiology
Robert Tate
Exposure Assessment
Cliff Weisel & Gedi Mainelis
Pollution Prevention & Control
Pete Strom

GPES Committees

Admissions committee
Donna Fennell2012
A.J. Both2011
Barbara Turpin2010
Tina Fan2010
Daniel Gimenezchair

Curriculum committee
Nathan Yee2012
Peter Strom2010
Gedi Mainelis2011

Nominations committee
Lisa Rodenburg2012
Brain Buckley2010
Weilin Huang2011