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Environmental Sciences Seminar Abstract            

  Special Seminar October 29, 2010, Friday at 2:30PM in the ENRS Bldg, Room 223 , open to all faculty, staff, and students.
Refreshments at 2:15 PM.

  Dust - The Inside Story Of It's Role In The September 11th Aftermath: How Did It Inform Us About Catastrophe Preparedness?
Paul J. Lioy
Professor & Vice Chair, Dept. Environmental & Occupational Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Deputy Director of Government Relations & Director of Exposure Science, EOHSI

As part of one of the first teams to take dust samples from Ground Zero after the destruction of the Twin Towers, in his book* to be discussed at this seminar, Dr. Lioy shares his personal and professional perspectives on the World Trade Center Dust. The discussion will focus on the following questions: What was in the material that rained down after the disintegration of these buildings? Why did officials first choose to focus on the release of asbestos? How did the unusual size distribution of the dust particles and the composition of the WTC Dust influence the development of the World Trade Center Cough among rescue workers and other New Yorkers? Why will we never know the nature of the gaseous species released in the initial phases of the aftermath? When were respirators used on site and what changes should be made to respirator design now?

The presentation will also provide information and conclusions on other scientific questions about the environmental exposures, public policy initiatives on the Dust removal. Beyond providing insightful analyses of what happened then, the seminar will summarize the significant steps we need to take now in order to be better prepared for future catastrophes.

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