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Seminar Schedule
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The following are open dates for seminars during the 2014-15 academic year. For the current semester's seminar schedule click here.



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Sep 26   Speaker: James R. Fleming
Oct 03   Speaker: Benjamin Bostick
Oct 24   Speaker: Yuri Gorby
Oct 31   Speaker: Satish Myneni
Nov 07   Speaker: Stelios Myriokefalitakis
Dec 05   Speaker: James Booth
Dec 12   Speaker: Leslie Shor
Jan 30   Speaker: Adam Sobel
Feb 06   Speaker: Alexis Berg
Feb 13   Speaker: test
Feb 27   Speaker: Helen Caldicott
Mar 06   Speaker: Ken Hayes, President
Mar 27   Speaker: Korneel Rabaey
Apr 03   Speaker: Wei Zhang
Apr 10   Speaker: Elizabeth Drenkard
Apr 24   Speaker: Sanjay Kumar
May 01   Speaker: Kevin Trenberth
May 08   Speaker: Jim Carton