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New Jersey Model Ordinance
New Jersey Noise Code, NJAC 7:29, as amended 8/6/07
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Noise Program


Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center    

Student Comments


Every course attendee is requested to complete the "Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Form," after all lectures, field work and the written and field practical exams. The evaluations are submitted anonymously.


The questions are as follows:

1)     What segments of this course would you like to see expanded?

2)     What segments of this course would you like to see reduced or eliminated?

3)     Was the level of approach agreeable to you? (Did you find it too complex or too simple?)

4)     Was the instructor helpful, informative?

5)      Additional comments.

I rate the teaching effectiveness of the instructor as (1-5) (poor-average-excellent)

I rate the overall quality of the course as (1-5) (poor-average-excellent)




Community Noise Enforcement Certification; New York City - November 27, 2007

This course was customized to New York City's Noise Code, and included investigators from the New York City Police Department, The New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and the New York City Parks Department.

"Very informative in detailing city ordinances pertaining to noise. The course was given at a reasonable level."

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about subject matter."

"Right on target."

"I believe it was all worthwhile. It was very straightforward."

"The course and the instructor were excellent."

"Very easy to understand."

"Very helpful. Course was excellent."

"Instructor was outstanding."

"I found this course and the instructor very helpful. I look forward to working and training with this group in the future."

"Great course - Very informative!"

"The course was perfect."


Community Noise Enforcement Certification; Washington State Association of Code Enforcement Officers. Seattle. February 8-10, 2008.

This course was attended by investigators from the following jurisdictions: Seattle, Tacoma, Snohomish County, Olympia and Everett.

"I dreaded this course but was amazed at how informative and interesting it was."

"Eric was quite helpful in answering all questions, and no question was "too dumb" to get a serious informed answer."

"[The instructor was] extremely helpful and informative - conveys his expertise in a common sense approach and manner."

"One of the best training workshops because there was so much give and take and honest feedback."

"I found the approach to be extremely conducive to learning."

"The instructor was very patient and understanding for those of us that have trouble with new stuff."

"I believe all areas were covered just great."

"Eric was informative, knowledgeable and had just enough anecdotal stories to keep the class interesting and provide real-world examples."


Community Noise Enforcement Certification; Walton County, FL  - August 12-14, 2008

This course was customized for the Walton County Code Enforcement Division.

"Very helpful - great course."

"Eric does a great job explaining the material and makes it easily understandable."

"Eric did a great job explaining the material in such a short format."

"Great class, very informative."

"Eric is very knowledgeable in how he explained the process."

"Just right. Very good quality of instruction."


Community Noise Enforcement Certification; Tucker, GA, October 13-15, 2008

This course was customized for the DeKalb County Police Department - Code Enforcement Unit

"I found the entire course helpful."

"Very good class."

"Every part was wonderful."

"Prof. Zwerling displayed great command of the subject material. The content of the course should remain the same."

"He was very helpful, made the course very interesting and I am able to retain a lot of information."

"I enjoyed real outdoor work, which shows how many variables can contaminate your readings."

"Good course -very real world."

"Course was great. Mr. Zwerling was a great instructor."

"Would like to take it again, never knew noise was so damaging in our society."

"Very informative course, enjoyed it, excellent instructor."

"Instructor walk through complex areas with passion and clear expression of how noise can disrupt our lives."

"The instructor made the course enjoyable and kept my focus. I learned a lot."


We Achieve Our Goals    

We're very serious about insuring that each student is comfortable with technology, techniques and strategies of sound level measurement for enforcement purposes. No prior experience whatsoever is expected. Additionally, no prior interest is expected; we realize that many officers are assigned to this duty and are less than enthusiastic. It's our job to motivate these officers and help them to embrace this powerful opportunity to improve the quality of life for their residents.  We take this very seriously, and work very hard at it. It's pretty rewarding when an officer comes up after the course and says: "I'm retiring in 15 months, and really didn't want to come to this course. But, I found it really interesting, and will certainly use it." (Hoboken NJ officer, 10/4/01)