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Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center     

Vehicular Noise Enforcement

This is a sample agenda for a course we customized for the City of Rochester, New York. They were enforcing a new code directed at vehicular sound reproduction systems. We have also customized courses for the enforcement of codes addressing unmuffled vehicles such as motorcycles with straight pipes.




JULY 30, 1998           JULY 31, 1998

Physiological, Biochemical and Psychological Impacts of Noise Exposure
     Physical Non-Auditory Impacts
          Stress, Tension, Fatigue
     Psychological Impacts
          Antisocial and Violent Behavior Associated with Involuntary Noise Exposure
City of Rochester Municipal Code
     Chapter 75 Noise - Overview
          75-9     Motor Vehicles
          75-12     Sound Reproduction Devices Used for Miscellaneous Purposes.
     Chapter 111 Vehicle and Traffic
          111-75      Seizure of Motor Vehicle Used in Quality of Life Violations

The Fundamentals of Sound
          Units of Measurement and Reporting
          Sound Level Meter Calculations of Sound Pressure Levels
          Range of Human Hearing
          Units of Measurement and Reporting
          Range of Human Hearing
          Most Annoying Frequencies
          Relative Response to Frequencies, and Weighting Systems

Operation of Sound Level Meter          
     Manufacturer's Requirements
     Proper Technique
          Use of Meter
          Field Calibration
          Proper Orientation
     Acceptable Weather Conditions
          Parameters for Valid Readings
          Measuring and Recording
Field Exercise to Familiarize Students with Use of Sound Level Meter

Measurement of Neighborhood Residual Sound Levels
     Neighborhood Residual vs. Extraneous Noise
     Strategies for Measurement of Background in Various Situations

The Mathematics of Sound Level Measurement
     Impact of Neighborhood Residual Background Sound Levels on Source Sound Levels
     Meter Tolerances

Field Exercise

Motor Vehicle Enforcement Strategies
     Overview of Vehicle Sound System Enforcement in the United States
          Various Approaches
          Legal Precedent
     Requirements of the Rochester Municipal Code
          Violations Determined by Audibility and/or Sound Level Measurements
     USEPA Guidance for Vehicular Noise Investigation and Enforcement
          Specific Investigatory Requirements
          Verifying Alleged Violator was Sound Source
     Noise Measurement Report Form
     Line-by-Line Review of Proper Completion
Field Exercise

Sound Level Measurement as Evidence Collection
     Testimony of Officer Operating Sound Level Meter and Apprehending Officer
     Burden and Order of Proof
          Development of a Prima Facie Court Case (includes some review)
               Reader Certification
               Code Requirements
          Importance of Verifying Alleged Violator was Sound Source

Practical Field Exam

Written Exam