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   Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences


Office, classroom, and laboratory facilities are located in the Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences Building on the Cook College campus.
The Environmental Sciences state-of-the-art instructional teaching laboratory features 15 networked computer workstations, several printers and scanners, and a versatile projection system for use by the instructor. Each student in the class can select and manipulate current weather data using various data analysis systems as well as connection to the World Wide Web.
There is an additional well-equipped classroom in the building, as well as a seminar room and weather instrument display case.
The department also maintains two micrometeorological observing stations located on research farms near the campus. One of the stations (PAMS) features a fully-instrumented 70-foot meteorological tower, an acoustic sounder (SODAR), and a wind/temperature profiler (RASS) that allows for continuous monitoring of meteorological conditions from the surface up to 3 km.
The meteorological equipment is co-located with a comprehensive photochemical air monitoring facility operated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The other station, where daily weather observations are recorded, is part of the National Weather Service's Cooperative Observing Program.
The Center for Environmental Prediction (CEP), housed with the department,
includes a research computer laboratory that consists of several high-speed, state-of-the-art computer workstations dedicated to numerical modeling of the climate system.